Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Team Bent Up Cycles RAAM 2010 Bike Plan

OK, since there have been some interest and questions about his.....

Each rider will bring 2 bikes. The first will be fitted with a rear disc wheel or wheel covers, and an aero (40-60mm deep) front wheel. The second bike is for nasty winds and in case the primary has a mechanical problem. The secondary bike has an aero section (50-90mm deep) rear wheel and a something 32mm or less deep in the front. We were also shooting for an all 700c team, to make all the wheels interchangeable, until The Stick came along. He needs a stiffer wheel for the huge amounts of power he generates, so he is on 650c wheels. ;-)

Now for the bikes:

Willie Hunt
Primary: Carbent Raven Pro (700c)
Secondary: JVs Corsa Alta 700c (or his own 650c Corsa if he doesn't like the 700c) with VeloKraft Carbon Seat

Dana Lieberman
Primary: Carbent Raven Pro (700c)
Secondary: Carbent Raven Pro (700c)

The Stick
Primary: Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0 650c with Bacchetta Carbon Seat
Secondary:  Bacchetta Corsa (650c)  with Bacchetta Carbon Seat

Jim Verheul
Primary: Bacchetta Carbon Aero 2.0 700c with Bacchetta Euromesh II seat.
Secondary: Carbent Raven Pro (700c) with dual layer seat pad.

Each rider also brings one additional set of spare wheels. 

Interestingly it will be a 50/50 mix of Bacchettas and Carbents.

All the bikes have powermeters for pacing, and for pull length tweaking based on power to weight ratio for the current shift. 3 of us have Powertap hubs on all of our wheels. Quarq has just shipped The Stick a Cinqo prototype that they believe can handle all his power. If its like the last one he tried, we will know very shortly.

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  1. Thanks JV! Very detail. I've incorporated the information in my blog. --jim