Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Anatomy of a failed breakaway.

I did this a few weeks ago, before my camera was being reliable, and before my new mic showed up. Crank the volume to hear me. I shot video at 4 or 5 other crits, but the camera shut down. Sad, as I would have been able to show you the best save after slamming the inside pedal into the pavement that I have ever seen a DF rider do.

I am starting to learn, always have the camera on. Never know what your going to catch....

So why do some breakaways fail, even with very strong riders? Watch:

Anatomy of a failed breakaway. from Jim Verheul on Vimeo.
Filmed with GoPro HD camera at 720p, 60fps. Edited and narrated with VideoPad free version. I need a better mic, you might have to really crank the sound to hear me talking. Vimeo reports the video at 28 minutes but its only a shade over 10.

Cheers, JV

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