Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Pictures of a 5' rider on Bacchetta Corsa 24

These are from my GoPro HD camera, but screen shots from QuickTime. Note the relaxed arms. In the future I'd like to recline her a bit more than 25 degrees and get rid of a bit of elbow bend. Ideally the bike would have a shorter boom, and the BB would be a bit higher, and the rear wheel a bit closer to her. The only solution I know to this is a custom bike, like a Carbent.

You can see the Rans stem here as the stem up to the bar is straight, not curved like the Bacchetta stems. The curve on the Rans takes place lower. Note the Gel flask within easy reach. BTW, we are on a 12% grade here.

A few months ago she told me to stop modifying the bike and let her start adapting to it as it was. This was good timing, as I had her pretty dialed in. She is quite comfortable on the bike.

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