Sunday, May 9, 2010

Cruisin' the Conejo Potrero Descent, passing technique.

Here is a short 5 minute descent that drops 1000 feet from Newbury Park , Ca, to the Oxnard plain. If you turn up the volume you can hear me apply the brakes hard a few times, and lightly during a few corners (trail braking).

I love the easy turns on top, its clear I can let it run for those. Then it tightens up a bit.

@ 0:37 you can see a rider has picked a really poor spot to stop, and I tell him so. He is just around a blind corner from the cyclists descending behind him, at the exact exit point of the turn, on a narrow shoulder that he cannot fit himself and his bike on, with his back to the place he might get hit from. Please think about other road users. There is a nice wide shoulder with much more visibility from both directions just a few feet down the hill. Fittingly, his jersey says he's armored. ;-)

@0:50 and 4:45 I pass too pairs of cyclists. I brake a bit on both occasion. I yell,"On your left" beforehand, and,"Thank you" as I pass. Both pairs are riding predictably and move a bit to the right or hold their line after I announce my presence. I try to always thank riders like that. Plus, I am pretty sure that even though they don't appear startled, my yell is only slightly less of a surprise than if I did not let them know.

Peak speed is over 50 where I pass the second pair of riders. Nice pavement!

CTC Potrero Descent from Jim Verheul on Vimeo.
This is from The Conejo Valley Cycling Clubs Cruising the Conejo flatland 68 mile ride. First you have to get to the flatland though, thus this 1000 foot drop from Dos Vientos to California State University at Channel Islands on the Oxnard Plain. Here is a map:


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