Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Solo RAAM recumbent riders average MPH as a function of miles ridden

Solo RAAM recumbent riders average MPH as a function of miles ridden. 6/21/14 10:17:39 RAAM Time (EST)
  • Keep in mind that as you move right on the chart it takes a lot more speed to change your average just a little bit. There are 2 interesting ones to look at in the plot: MPs historic rampage through the women's field after having her follow vehicle and spare bikes destroyed by a texting driver, and BBs decline after the Mississippi.
  • Both DJ and Jac showing the typical overnight dip from sleeping. 
  • DJ still on pace for overall 60+ and bent records, and first US rider, and first rookie. Fighting to regain 6th overall from Stefan. He had a scrum with a resurgent Hoppo, but just put 12 miles on him.  
  • Jac still flirting with time cut offs. The next one is Mount Airy, MD, at 7:43 AM on 6/23. She must be above 9.714803 MPH there. She has to be above 9.7735 at the finish. 
  • Maria's uptick at the end is from the application of a 3 hour time credit from the time lost from having her follow vehicle hit and totaled outside Tuba City (the big downward spike after mile 500). 
  • I wonder what JS and TW were thinking looking at BB's time coming into Kansas. She really slowed towards the end. 

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